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BioBridge Watford, L.L.C.

BioBridge has created a strong cost-effective process for the general waste water treatment. Through intense research BioBridge will utilize the technology of Ecologix Systems. Ecologix is one of the few companies that provide a real solution for Frack Water Recycling. With Ecologix, BioBridge will fill the void in Frack Water Treatment. BioBridge will continue its growth in all aspects of water treatment.

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Ecologix Systems ITS 1500

Ecologix Systems, L.L.C.

Founded in 2002, Ecologix is a Limited Liability Company whose primary purpose is to sell profitable projects in the wastewater treatment industry and develop long-term revenue generating relationships with its clients. The Company has developed its own line of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems including Settling Clarifiers, Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) and various prefabricated Biological Treatment Systems. 

However, Ecologix’ focus lies in the oil and gas industry, especially with fracking. The ITS system makes dry-wells obsolete because it renders frack water reusable. This creates new opportunities for the industry to adopt a more sustainable and cost-effective model for water logistics. Recent studies have shown that water and wastewater management is a major concern for oil and gas industry operators. Management believes that this system will be Ecologix’ flagship product as it expands its service of the oil and gas industry.

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The Movie ""Static"

STATIC is a suspenseful, surprisingly twisted tapestry of crime stories connected by the static distorted radio transmissions of two police officers working the beat one hectic Los Angeles night. Featuring Actors John Cusack, John C. McGinley, Adam Rodriguez and    Vanessa Williams just to name a few...


MTS is confident this project will have tremendous appeal, from both the movie and television series sections.


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