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Alterola Biotech, Inc. (ABTI)

ALTEROLA Biotech Inc (ABTI)is a US-based development stage company that has acquired certain IP and is developing IP discovery for chewing gum as a medicinal delivery system for several ailments.
 ALTEROLA intends to identify and acquire patents and IPs that further ALTEROLA’s aim to provide medical solutions to a great number of everyday ailments using medicated (functional) chewing gum instead of pills as a drug delivery method.

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Tingo, Inc.

Tingo is an Agri-Fintech company offering a comprehensive platform service through use of smartphones (using GSM technology) to empower a marketplace to enable subscribers/farmers within and outside of the agricultural sector to manage their commercial activities of growing and selling their production to market participants both domestically and internationally.

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United Planet Solutions

We deliver…

Answers to Global Environmental Challenges
Through alignment of strategic relationships of Fortune 500 companies and others by addressing the top environmental issues.

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Intesel SmartCard
"The Future Of Marketing"

What Is Intesel SmartCard?

SMARTCARD looks like a standard business card, is the same size, fits in your wallet but rather than made of paper it is either made of plastic, bio-recycled materials, or aluminum and contains a USB foldout hard drive that contains all your company information, order forms and web links.

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“Our Motto is
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